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Default Christmas Competition

I've had a few moults over the last few days.
All of the moults are of 3 different species. . A geniculata, B vagans and L parahybana.
As I had so many moults at once I thought that maybe a competition could be arranged. . . in 3 parts.

The person who guesses the correct amount of moults held in my hand in each picture wins a small juvenile of that species.

The juvenile tarantula MUST be picked up at either SEAS, January '13 or BTS, May '13.

Take note. . . I WILL NOT POST so if you cant pick up at either venue please dont enter. (and dont ask either)


1) Only one guess per picture per person per post

2) A person can have as many guesses as they like BUT they have to wait until 4 other people have had a go first.

3) Any person breaking this rule will have that guess disqualified.

4) The competition will close at midnight on Sunday 2nd December

To save any confusion I suggest that guesses are set out as below


1. Geniculata 10
2. vagans 15
3. parahybana 20

1) Acanthoscurria geniculata

2) Brachypelma vagans

3) Lasiodora parahybana

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