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Default Which Chameleon?

I am interested in adding to my reptile collection this Christmas by getting a chameleon. I love the way that these animals look, move and catch their prey and I have been looking to get one for sometime.
The problem is that I have no idea which species that I should start with. I have done loads of research on panther chameleons and veiled chameleons and I think I will be getting either one of those two.
However, there are lots of varying care sheets and opinions on both these chameleons and I am unsure as to which one would be more suited to me.
What I really need to know is
-Which one of the two usually has a better temperament?
-Which one is more expensive to maintain (in terms of feeding)?
-And, generally which one is easier to maintain (for a starter to chameleons).

Any help (from experience or just knowledge of the species) that you can give me would be brilliant and much appreciated!


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