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Default Just some advise on my Leo please.

Hi, when i brought my Leopard Gecko about 6 weeks ago the man in the shop said he was about 6 months old (i'm pretty sure that was a guess as he seemed to know nothing and gave me some bad advise on Viv set up).
Anyway on first weigh he was approx 8g (I had crap scales and have since invested in some really good ones) 2 weeks later on the 2/11/12 he weighed 10g. I weighed him again last night he is now 14g and approx 15cm long. Is this about right??? He seems healthy enough. He eats gut-loaded crickets dusted in calci-dust every night. Has no trouble at all catching them.

Suppose I just want to know is he about the right weight/size. and if not how I can help?

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