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i have a corn. viv isnt expensive as they dont get to big so can be kept in a smaller home, low maintainence, you dont need a right lot in there bar a couple hides a water bowl and heat mat and they love being handled, although i also have a royal python, they are a little harder to keep in the respect they wont always eat and it can be frustrating at times, as well as a slightly higher humidity rate is required and a little extra heat but other than that its the same story, love to be handled and great to watch. i have been researching a hog island boa as they are my absolute faves and from what i can gather they are just as easy to keep as both of the above and verry nice to look at, as well as being a diurnal species (out in the daytime) as opposed to the others being nocturnal (royal) and crepuscular ( active dusk and dawn, corn) s you see them a little more. as others have said its down to what you like best because with the right reseach any snake is good as a starter.....just not a bloody burm!
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