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Default Newbie Corn Snake Owner!

Hello all,

Got my first snake last weekend so thought i'd register to get a bit more advice on general care etc.

Fed him for the first time last night and had no problems. He's in a 4ft viv which i've read is slightly too big but that's what the woman in the reptile shop I bought him from recommended. He doesnt come out too much from his hides but after i've handled him he stays out and never seems lost or phased by the size. He's been a bit jumpy when handling him but gets more used to it the longer you hold him for.

Was originally looking to get a larger snake, up to about 8/10ft but a combination of things made me go smaller to begin with. Can anyone recommend a snake that would fit this criteria when fully grown? I may look to get a second snake next year depending how I get on.

As I've mentioned, had no problems so far but feel better I can post on here should I need to.

Over and out!
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