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First of all thanks for the welcome .

Yeah he's eating fine, had his first small mouse on thursday which i was a bit sceptical he could manage but the reptile shop provided us with them so I assumed they were ok. Seem him tonight and he's kept it down so can't have bothered him that much. Think he's about 9 months, which ties in with other people's threads here in relation to their sizes compared with age. He's around 2 foot long but quite thin.

Yeah I thought the viv was fairly big too but was told he'd grow into it. he has three hides in there but not much else (except large water bowl). Generally stays in his smaller hide in the cool end of the viv. Does this sound normal? I'm going to invest in some more hides I think following your advice.

It'd be nice to see the snake a bit more if I got another one so one that's active/basking in the day would be good. I originally wanted a burmese or a boa due to their looks but again, this is without taking owners 'reviews' of these snakes in account, something I'm hoping to get from this forum. I was told the boas (I looked at a common Boa in the shop) can strike for no reason which put my gf off them. I guess this comes down to the individual snake though, not entirely down to the species?

Not going to rush into it anyway as like Bushmaster says, rehoming isn't a route I want to go down.

Apologies for the essay and thanks for all the help!

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