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Originally Posted by becky89 View Post
If he's eating and he's big enough to not squeeze out of any holes or between where the glass meets (happens!) then there's no reason why you can't put them in a large viv straight away. If he's staying in the cool end even after eating, the heat source could be a bit too hot for him, are you using a heat mat or bulb? And are you using a thermostat with it? I've found that our corns come out more once they're older and a bit more confident, and when the room they're in is fairly quiet
All the boas we have had or known except from one have been really nicely tempered. I'd probably recommend a boa really, they get to a nice size, there are small dwarfs to choose from, or if you go for a male common they get a bit smaller than the females. Maybe we've been unlucky with carpets, but 5/6 have been snappy or grumpy. However IME, carpets are much more active than boas. Burmese pythons are lovely snakes, but the size difference is a bit of a jump from corns! If you really want one, make sure you've got room for a huge viv, handled a decent sized adult and have 1-2 people on hand to help you when you're dealing with the big snake, just in case. I know there are keepers that handle on their own without issue, but it's always worth being a little careful for your and the snake's sake.

If your gf is worried about something biting, you're probably best off buying an older tamer snake. I don't really believe any snake doesn't give you warning before a bite, it might just be very subtle.
No he cant escape and we've put some more things in there to fill it up a bit, make it seem a bit less vast to him. I've seen such a difference in him since he ate, I dont think he'd been fed in a while at the reptile shop . Am using a bulb with a thermostat. i was told in the shop that it was to be set at 90 degrees in the day and 75 at night. Seeing as the thermometer is in the middle of the viv, I imagine this is far too warm at the warmer end?

Reading about the Boas, I feel they're the best option for me. Even if they're less active I don't want to turn my gf off the idea of keeping snakes, comparing a slightly more aggressive but active snake against a more docile yet less active one if that makes sense? My gf would be there at all time when I handled them but it would generally only be me holding them at any time.
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