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Question HELP!! 2 yr old male and female beardie in 4ft viv.

Firstly let me say....this is an edit....we are now having a baby instead....male and female bit ambitious as first timers i think lol.....Hi there, we have just agreed to adopt a 2yr old male and female beardie. They are in a 4ft viv on a cabinet. Everything is there to keep them apparently.

They are for my son who is 10.....but i obviously need to know how to keep them too. We have bought a couple of books and read various websites/forums etc..... wow..loads of diff info!!

HELP! Whats right and whats wrong...can you help us with some general info, dos and dont?

Food recommendations, temps, etc?

Many thanks in anticipation.

ps....ive read various threads on here and lots of conflicting advice, so really not sure where to go with this

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