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4ft vivarium (4x2x2) or bigger
dimming thermostat
Arcadia T5 controller
Arcadia T5 12.0 UVB tube

They're pretty much the only 'reptile' things you need.

Then you can go all generic.

ceramic light fitting - like one of these CERAMIC ES27 E27 SCREW bulb heat lamp holder 1kw RATED! | eBay with wire and a plug

A 60 /100 watt light bulb - doesn't have to have a picture of a lizard on the box

digital thermometers

branches / rocks etc


you don't need to buy everything lizard related. Things like fake plants, you can buy them from Dunelm and they're exactly the same; same with heat bulbs, it gives off light and heat so no need for a reptile one.

and yeah.. they'll sort you out for most of it nice and cheap ^^^
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