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Originally Posted by stalincat View Post
Thanks for your reply!
His insects are well gutloaded, and he eats like a pig=) I give him a big variety of insects, as I also keep chameleons so I have quite a big selection.
Another question though, I can't find a clear answer to beardie's supplement schedule. For now it's the same with the chameleons - calcium every feed, D3 and Mutivit twice a month.
Firstly, I would suggest worrying a bit less. We've all done this. They will eat what they want. As youngsters, this will be mostly insects. It may change as they get older, but there's no guarantees.

What I would recommend, though, is that you make sure you give them plenty of calcium and vitamins. A good quality, high output UV light is really important for beardies, but so is dietary calcium and vitamin D3. Calcium on it's own is not taken up by the beardie - they need vitamin D3 as well. Dust food with a small amount of balanced supplement very regularly, especially when they are young and growing rapidly. I use nutrobal, others use different supplements, but most are designed to be used every day. You don't need much - it's better to supply it little and often.

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