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When my beardies were babies I never saw them eat greens, in fact to this day I don't think Ive ever seen Zeppo eating greens. I know he does as I've seen him with them stuck to his face and you can see where he's eaten from the dish, also when I took him to vet coz I was worried about it the vet says he must be eating them at some point as he's healthy. As others have said dust with D3 free calci dust every other day and something like reptobal every 5-6 days. My other beardy Brian wasn't so keen when he was younger, bugs all the way then, now he loves his greens so much I have to keep a strict eye on what he eats as he has a tendency to get fat. The best advice I can give you is ask questions on here. It doesn't matter how daft or irrelevant they may seem you will get answers from people who own and love their reptiles.
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