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Originally Posted by Peggy Sue View Post
We are getting a baby beardie in a week so are busy setting up his viv.
We bought the viv second hand and its all had a good clean, we got the heat lamp and uv bulb in today, lino on the floor and shopping for thermometers tomorrow.
The viv came with this... Essex Reptile - Arcadia Dry Vivarium Controller , but I have since noticed that it says you cant have a water bowl in.
Are we going to need a new controller?

Thank you for any advice
Hi! Although it says 'dry controller' what it means is that its not designed for a viv which requires humidity or large areas of standing water. Your beardies viv shouldnt be humid and if you decide to put a water bowl in, it should be a small shallow bowl and be kept in the cool end to prevent humidity so it should be fine. A lot of people dont put water in the viv with the dragons so then they can keep humidity down (I dont have water in mine). This isnt to scare you because people do put water in, but, too much humidity can cause repetory infections.

A lot of beardies dont learn to drink from standing water anyway! They get all their moisture from greens and insects that they eat. Mine hasn't been in or near water in the liquid form for about 2 weeks and is absolutely fine! When I first got him, I was told the same as what I have just said to you so I opted against water in the viv. To be sure he was hydrated and for my own piece of mind, I used to give him some of the stalky (made up word) bits of the greens because that is the part where most of the moisture was... The outcome? Runny poo due to too much hydration!

Sorry for going off on one... The answer is you should be fine with that controller lol if you need any more advice on UV, lighting, heating etc.. Feel free to ask and someone will help you!
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