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I agree with blue it'll be fine, I just like to err on the side of caution so to speak so try not to give out info on products I'm not familiar with and I have only ever used the ultra seal ones.

While we are on the subject of water bowls (thank you blue!), I too don't use one. The only reason though is he never ever used it when it was provided, he never drinks when in the bath or when it is dripped on his nose, he just doesn't see it as a drink so I opted to take it out. Personally I'd recommend you start with one, if its used its handy to ensure that he's well hydrated, he will choose to use it if he needs to, if not you can take it out. As said most of their fluid comes from food so if he eats well all should be fine. Mine has suffered in the past from very minor dehydration but a quick bath usually sorts that and he is now beginning to eat his veg occasionally and that seems to be doing the trick. Anyway, as said, start with one and monitor and assess, quite a lot of this game is trial and error and observation work as each BD and situation is different.
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