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Originally Posted by Peggy Sue View Post
Thank you bluemoon.

I had read that baby beardies needed a small bowl of water as they dont tend to eat many greens while so young? (He will be 9-10 weeks)

We have been researching for months and I still feel daunted by owning a reptile!

His breeder is really helpful thankfully, I will get on to him to see how he keeps his babies.
I know exactly what you mean lol there is so much conflicting info out there its hard to know whats right! As a general rule, baby beardies dont eat much veg, some dont eat any.. If this is the case, I'd spray him once or twice a day outside the viv (to prevent too much humidity inside it) his scales are arranged to direct morning due or mist, towards his mouth. All beardies are different in their behaviour and everyone has their own way of doing things. If you want to put water in the viv, do it.. I'm just letting you know its not a necessity
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