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i have answered this by PM but will recap so everybody knows.

the controller in the link is a IP64 water resistant controller and is more than safe to be used around water dishes and light misting.

for high humididty enclosures and those with rain systems and or pools of perm water then the law is now that an IP67 or waterproof fitting is used.

for most elcosures that still use T8s the IP64 is fine.

ALL Arcadia Reptile T5 systems and fittings come as standard as IP67!

I must however point out that second hand lamps MUST be viewed as ineffective unless you have access to a good set of meters to be sure of its output, especially with young animals. My advice is that "Whatever is invested into the body and bones of a young animal will be paid back wither positivly or negativly in the adult animal".

good luck

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