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Default Getting a Royal after Christmas.

Hello, I'm going to be getting my first snake after X-mas, I'm going to get a royal Just have a few questions.

I've heard you can put young royals straight into a 3 ft viv, so long as i have plentiful hides and lots of cover would the 3 ft viv last through to its adult life or would i need to upgrade later?

What's the best type of heating to use and what sort of thermostats are best for the type of heating i use , i have heard mixed opinions on whats best, so could I have you guy's opinions as well please?

Once again I've heard many different opinions on substrate what do you think is best? I'd like something attractive so not newspaper or paper towel's.

Also what temp's and humidity should I be aiming for?

One last thing, could you add in some approximate prices for me please?

Thanks in advance for all replies.
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