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Originally Posted by tezzabear View Post
okay so ive had my male baby carolina corn snake for 4 weeks now, he is 3 and a half month old, he started off in the small tub i bought him in, he was due a feed that night and he ate a fuzzy after i left him alone for half hour, then i moved him into a viv exotic viv later that week, he did not eat that weekend but then i got the temps sorted and he ate 2 weeks after his first feed, he then shed his skin last sat night and i fed him sunday but he did not eat it even over night, i tried him again yesterday over night and still nothing, he ate the fuzzies fine the 2 times he did eat, but i am wondering wether to go down to pinkies and see if that would help? any suggestions?
Where did you get it from
And just leave the snake in a small tub with the fuzzie over night see if its gone by morning it takes a good few months before snakes begin getting bad without being fed
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