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Originally Posted by RubyTiger View Post
You might get away with a 3ft if there is a lot of cover and hides. A lot of people start off with faunariums or storage boxes for hatchlings as a large open space can make them feel insecure and you might struggle to get them to feed. When it's adult you will have to see how big it grows to determine the size of the viv for the rest of it's life. As for heating a heat mat would be used on half of a faunarium/box and in a wooden vivarium a heat mat, ceramic or a light bulb - its personal choice really but you will want to keep temperature up at night so a light bulb only might not be the best idea unless you get a red bulb for the night time.

Thermostats - you can get on/off thermostats which turn off when it rises to a certain temp and on when the temp drops below a certain temp. You can also get pulse thermostats, which I prefer because they are more accurate at maintaining temperature, which send pulses of power to the source of heat and so will give out less heat when less is required. Dimming thermostats are similar to on/off but the power 'dims' rather than just switching off.

As for substrate a lot of people I know use aspen but again its really personal choise as to what substrate to use so long as it hasn't got anything in which is toxic to reptiles.

humidity should be kept relatively low (your heat source will help with this) around 50% but make sure the humidity is higher during a shed by spraying or providing a box with spagnum moss in.

Prices around my area usually ranges from around 70-140 for a normal and obviously more money for a morph.

I don't have snakes of my own so I'm not very experienced or knowledgable on snakes therefore I hope this gives you a better idea and that more experienced people will see this and give you a better response.

For other information it's a good idea to buy a book and look up caresheets like these: http://www.barrieranimalcareclinic.c...%20pythons.pdf and Constantly research before you get your snake and you'll be fine
I don't know where the myth about Royals not being able to cope with a 3ft viv came from, but it's nonsense. As long as they've got a bit of cover and some hides, they'll be fine. My little Royal is very active and explores all the time.

If the OP wants to house his Royal in a viv, it makes sense to get a 3ft one, which would be suitable for life for a Royal. I don't like heatmats in vivs for bulky snakes, so would go for a ceramic (with guard). I'm also not particularly fussy about what thermostats to use with a ceramic. The cheaper on-off ones give a bit more temperature fluctuation. I don't have a problem with this, as the temperature in the wild isn't constant either.

If you want a normal Royal, they are absolute bargains. I paid 20 for mine at CREAKS this year. I think he's gorgeous:

Prices in the classifieds on here will give you an idea of the range (there's always thousands of them for sale!). Shop prices will be roughly 60 upwards. A word of warning - if you catch "morph fever", it can be very expensive. I've seen a Royal for sale at a show for 25000!

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