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I have a thermostat on the heat lamp, just off set from the basking area (as it would need to be stretched), i have that set to 34 (so it should be hot enough under his basking area) i placed a termoter under his basking spot to get temps, its an analouge one so it might not be accurate but you can feel the heat around the tank, during the day (1000-1500) iv been letting him settle in i go down stairs, he doesnt seem scared of me mpre just of his tank opening and closing when i put food in etc. The tube ising flickering on and off just like, ugh, not sure how to describe it like dimmer flick at the ends.

Sorry if there are mistakes typing from my phone as my internet ran out so using 3G.

Also hes pooping once a day and hes on vinyl tiles as i didnt want him getting bunged witb otherstuff, however when i was putting calcium on his food and a little fell to his viv floor he was licking it up, i assumed it was fine as long as it wasnt sand, (which its not its calcium dust)

Thanks for your reply
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