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Originally Posted by MooImaPigy View Post
I've heard you can put young royals straight into a 3 ft viv, so long as i have plentiful hides and lots of cover would the 3 ft viv last through to its adult life or would i need to upgrade later?
Depends entirely on the royal. Males certainly are usually okay in a 3ft viv (although depends on the depth too - if you can stretch to a 3x2 you're giving them that extra bit of space). Females can get quite chunky and in those cases you may want to give them a bit more space as an adult - you're looking at 2-3 years down the line though.

What's the best type of heating to use and what sort of thermostats are best for the type of heating i use , i have heard mixed opinions on whats best, so could I have you guy's opinions as well please?
Well, it's only opinion but personally I'd use a ceramic bulb with a cage guard, on a pulse thermostat. You can also use a heat mat with a mat stat for hatchlings - but once you've looking at a 2kg royal, them sitting on a heat mat can be a risk and I find it easier to recommend a ceramic bulb from the start.

Once again I've heard many different opinions on substrate what do you think is best? I'd like something attractive so not newspaper or paper towel's.
I personally use orchid bark with royals on display and have never had any problems with it.
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