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When you get the new UVB I would suggest getting at least one (preferably 2 or 3 for your own convenience) digital thermometers - analogues are useless (don't know why they're still sold), they can be out by over 10C so don't trust them. Unfortunately you can't even rely on the thermostat to measure the right temperatures - they're pretty inaccurate too so should be used along with a digital thermometer. Also remember that temperatures can be affected by the size of the viv, environment around it, material it's made out of, ventilation etc.

Your beardy might not be basking for long if the temperatures are very hot (that's where the digital thermometers come in). I would get the thermometers and then check your temperatures again, you may be surprised. Although a heat source is very important to reptiles, they do also need a cool end (which will be compromised if the hot end is too hot). Without a correct thermogradient they can become dangerously dehydrated very quickly and cannot control their metabolism, so it's worth checking (and double, triple and quadruple ).

Are you feeding him any veg at the moment? If you are you can sprinkle the calci-dust on to this and in the bowl also - reptiles are good at self-supplementing on calcium and knowing how much is enough.

Well done for getting the thermostat (not everyone does) and sounds like you've got substrate and supplements all sorted just need to have a look at the temperatures and UVB I think
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