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Default New Corn, looking for some local people.

Hey folks! Glad to finally have a reason to make an account! After a year or so of trying to decide whether reptile keeping was for me (I've had inverts before, but never a reptile) I've finally taken the leap, and bought myself a little 4 month old Anery A Corn - It remains unsexed, but that's to be covered later. The shop owner assumes male - so I've given "him" a name based on this. Artyom. But that's not important.

Anyway, I'm here for a bit of a 'call to arms' - I live in North Ayrshire, a county in Western Scotland.
I would absolutely LOVE to build up a bit of a 'contact network' for here. Anywhere as far away as Glasgow, as I find myself there often (Obviously I wouldn't be bringing Arty with me that far)
So, do any of you come from around here? If so, where do you go to do your shopping/where is YOUR shop?
(For those curious, I've done my shopping for now in Pet World, in Irvine. I've bought some supplies for my dog from here before so I knew what the shop was like)
(And for those outside of the area with online shops/delivery, feel free to drop a link in here!)

I look forward to hearing back from anyone who wants a chat!

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