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Originally Posted by Jeffers3 View Post
I've never kept cresties, but they can be a bit flighty and quite delicate. Not necessarily great for youngsters to handle, but they tend to be very tame.
This is very true, crestie are very jumpy as babies until they are handled and used to being handled. Just have to watch for stress as cresties will also drop their tails when stressed. Females can be kept together but only one male.

Originally Posted by Jeffers3 View Post
If you have a bit more room, bearded dragons are great as a first time lizard.
Beardies are great first time lizards, as said above they do need a bit more room than leos and cresties.

Originally Posted by vgorst View Post
Hi there

You'll find that very few care sheets agree with each other on everything (keepers on here don't always agree!) The basics are pretty much the same though:
- Minimum of 2ft x 1ft tank
- Don't house geckos together
- Use a heat mat and thermostat to maintain temperatures - these temperatures should be measured using digital thermometers. All probes must be touching the floor, on top of the substrate where the heat mat is
- Hot end should be around 88-95F (it often depends on the individual as to how hot they like it)
- Cold end around 75-80F
- Substrate for younger geckos should be kitchen roll, newspaper, reptile carpet, lino, slate or tiles - when older you can consider particulate substrates but they come with risks
- Keep humidity low
- Offer a variety of insects, these should be gut loaded and dusted with certain supplements
- Many care sheets say that they don't require UVB lights but they seriously benefit from them, will help to prevent disorders such as MBD.

Most leopard geckos are handleable but remember that they're all individual, you'll get your confident ones and your skitty ones. It would be best to get them from a trusted breeder who handles them from a young age for your own peace of mind. Remember that they can be delicate so take handling slowly.

Cresties are a lot more jumpy and I find a bit more unpredictable, but again this changes depending on individual and breeder.

Other reptiles that are good with children are beardies (larger, usually very docile but require a lot of room and more complicated setup), rankins dragons (like beardies but smaller) fat tail gecko (very similar to leopard geckos but I find a lot more chilled out, will usually fall asleep in your hand). Those are the most handleable reptiles that I can think of at the moment but I'm sure there's more.

Just keep doing what you're doing, plenty of research and find a reptile that suits you
Very well said hun

Originally Posted by Ryanb0401 View Post
Having kept beardies before, I can tell you they're an absolute pleasure. They all get their own daft little personalities, and they had me in stitches more than once! (Laughing, of course, not injuries!)
Easy to care for, as long as you don't mind potentially keeping bugs as a feeding source (most pet shops sell insects live, so that's not a worry. If you don't have any local pet shops nearby - big chains like pets at home carry locusts/crickets etc in some stores)
Well said again.

If it was me hun i would look into beardies, rankins and leopard geckos. These are excellent starter lizards and all require similar set ups. it would depend on which your daughter would prefer. Leos do give you a much wider 'colour' varity but this does come at a price.

Good luck with what ever you decide hun, and always pop back as everyone will be happy to answer any questions you have to ask hun. Welcome to RFUK.
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