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Thanks Ryanb and Baby DJ Today we have visited a reptile shop in the local town (Wisbech) that we did not even know existed until we started to trawl the net looking for info (I was looking for potential livefood suppliers although I know you can get that sort of thing posted too and found their website). We looked at leopard geckos, crested geckos and bearded dragons in the shop and at the kind of housing they need. I think we are veering more towards the bearded dragons having looked at the practicalities as I think my daughter likes the idea of being able to watch them basking etc during the day although I realise the initial costs will be higher. It was lovely to be able to spend time looking, now time to start saving Will be hanging around on here reading up as much as possible and continuing to bother you all with daft questions while enjoying seeing the pics pf other people's set ups and collections Thanks again for making us welcome.

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