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Originally Posted by SmexyHerps View Post
My little cousin was wondering since he has had a leopard gecko for around a year and a musk turtle for around 2 years, what he should get next...

I wasnt too sure, he looks after his animals very well so thats not a problem, he ideally wants to be able to hold them but he doesnt mind if not and finally the price does not matter for the animal or tank and can be amphibian or reptile

Thanks alot
My first snake was a Royal, i was a bit too scared to get a corn because i thought i'd lose it so i went for something a bit more heavy bodied, they're lovely snakes, easy to care for and after keeping them for almost a year now i haven't ever been bitten or even seen one in a bad mood :P

They have pretty basic needs, either a heat mat or ceramic bulb for heat, a few hides a water dish and that's it really, oh and some sort of bedding.

I'd say they're a good starter snake, but i only have royals so i wouldn't know about any other snake
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