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Originally Posted by SmexyHerps View Post
I was going to breed my pueblan milk snakes as i brought them as a male and female but ended up two females
He was looking at ball/royal pythons but he wasnt sure about whether they need UVB and what watt and neither was I
He also thourght about corn snakes but then he wanted to be (quoted) "Indie" so decided against it

Thanks for the replies...
Keep them coming haha
Ball Pythons are cool too, only have a male at the moment, not planning to breed any time soon.

You don't need UVB for a royal let alone any snake!

Are you sure he doesn't mean a ceramic bulb?

People debate the whole heat mat vs bulb thing all the time. My male is on a heat mat and does fine. But it can be dangerous when they get to a heavy size, once they are coming near adulthood do what I'm gonna do and switch to a bulb. He is a baby CB12 whom is active so it isn't an issue at present...

My general rule with snakes is if they readily eat and are happy to breed in their enclosure, then they are more than comfortable with the conditions...

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