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Just spoke to him on the phone and he said he would like a ball python and a pacman frog... I will order this bulb and guard for him for christmas and i'll tell his parents about getting this and the frog cause i have no idea about these frogs... I think their horned frogs but im not sure if anyone can help me out cause i think hes gonna have to wait and is this a good shopping list for the royal?:

Tank- like 3 foot(ish)

Substrate- Aspen most likely

2x Hides-moist and normal

Water dish-for water...

Thermometers-digital and stick on

Heat source- Bulb and Mat with guard (ProRep Red Spot Reptile Bulb 60W BC (Bayonet): Kitchen & Home)

Climbing stick-Exo-Terra jungle vine etc...

Plants and Decor- For additional hides and comfort

Thanks again for help haha

Honestly much appreciated
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