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Originally Posted by HerpHunter63 View Post
Looks good!

One piece of advice - if your gonna get the bulb and guard don't bother with a heat mat too its one or the other or it gets too hot! Just go with the bulb and guard mate.

Other than that one point, your list is perfect!

I'm clueless when it comes to frogs though!

If you need anymore help at any time please feel free to message me, I'd be more than happy to help.


Thanks alot for all your help!!

Ok, i just had a spare 20w heat mat so i didnt really know haha, ordered the bulb and guard i am buying off my friend cause he has a spare... I dont really know why he wants a frog, probarbly a 1 minute wonder ill make sure he doesnt get too much that he cant handle, he's lucky hes allowed all this to be honest... when I was younger all i was allowed was 1 leo until i moved out

Your Inbox will be full soon, Pythons are not really my specialist subject haha, but they are really nice...(so ive heard)

Yeah thanks again!
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