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Originally Posted by SmexyHerps View Post
Thanks alot for all your help!!

Ok, i just had a spare 20w heat mat so i didnt really know haha, ordered the bulb and guard i am buying off my friend cause he has a spare... I dont really know why he wants a frog, probarbly a 1 minute wonder ill make sure he doesnt get too much that he cant handle, he's lucky hes allowed all this to be honest... when I was younger all i was allowed was 1 leo until i moved out

Your Inbox will be full soon, Pythons are not really my specialist subject haha, but they are really nice...(so ive heard)

Yeah thanks again!
Not a problem!

I'll answer any questions you send me as soon as I can. Sometimes my phone doesn't show the notifications though so I may see it an hour later. Also being a teenager means I have lots of facebook alerts and texts so I might not see it if I get another notification at the same time!

Best of luck, will be good to hear from you in the future!

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