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Talking Have I Got All The Correct Equipment Listed?

I'm getting a rankin dragon which will be living in a L: 29" by W: 22"/23" by H: 19.5" My first question however, is provided enough wood to bask and to further increase space to roam in the tank, is it possible to have two rankin dragons in this tank?

Anywho, to my original question. I have managed to gather the following bits of equipment, any more bits and bobs you can think of and perhaps ways to reduce the amount of wires there are (are there such things as combos in this hobby? Im a more experience fish keeper )

2x Digital Thermometers
1x UVB 10.0 Bulb
1x Ceramic Heat Bulb 150watt
1x Ceramic Heat Bulb Holder/Clamp
1x Light Thermostat
1x Water Bowl
1x Bowl for calcium powder
Wood Decoration (planning to spend atleast 40)
Repti-Carpet (will possible convert to tiles, or perhaps slate flooring when they're bigger.)
Disinfectant spray + wipes
Crickets, locusts, all those foods.
Cricket Keeper
Cricket Dust

Anything else?

All this has came up to 250 already... But I doubt if I spent wisely it wouldn't reach this. I admittedly did add a few pounds here and there for caution.

Also, what do I do about heat at night times? Obviously the lights go off... But what happens then? Can the heat bulb stay on? The reason I ask is for people have mentioned heat mats.. but from the research I've done this can cause burning.

Also, I've only had a breif look at costs for live food from 888reptiles. Could you suggest any others? Perhaps personal experiences? I like in the UK, and don't actually plan to have the project built until the new year.

For those who must know, it is a custom-made vivarium. There is a cupboard at bottom, followed by a 222 litre aqaurium, then my beautiful vivarium. Will be quite a sight

Let me tell you I am prepared to spend that bit more if it means I save in the future, save on wires, looks more neat and professional etc. Right now I'm trying to understand how I will install the lamp. Do you guys add a metal protector of some sort? It will be on the roof of the aquarium, out of view from the viewer. However it'd be nice to have a large piece of wood going close to it or the UVB bulb.

Suggestions on set-up appreciated! As you can tell, this is my first time, so trying to understand everything

Oh and lastly, one thing you decipher for me is what a light controller is? I have read somewhere it is merely just the two end caps of the UVB for it to be fitted, others it is the power supply. Will such be supplied when I buy a bulb?

Thanks for any help you can provide! And nice forum I like it.
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