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Originally Posted by Arcadiajohn View Post

I will be honest and tell you that a 10% T8 will never recreate wild exposure in a viv of that height.

It is vital that reptiles are able to self regulate in an enclosure between a wild type uvindex, heat and light, then into cool and shade.

I explain this in much more detail in the lighting guide section of Arcadia Reptile : Arcadia Products Plc

But if you want an easy to use plug and go system that is very affordable and has the electronics, reflector and the correct lamp included then a 24w slimline T5 fitting will be fine for a viv this long.

You will however need to increase the viv size as they grow!

I'm happy to help further if required

Well this has blew everything out of the water. According to the rankin dragon website, a flourescent light tube 10% UVB bulb will be sufficient? In fact, this is all they suggest. Along with a ceramic heat lamp on a pulse thermostat. This set-up has proven to be within my budget range, as I am making a stand for a aquarium and vivarium, I've got to buy two sets of equipment. And so money is limited, however equipment will not be scrimped on.
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