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Originally Posted by heatherjhenshaw View Post
Be very careful if you get 2 Rankins dragons, in theory they will live together in harmony, in theory , my 2 lived together for 4 weeks after I got them as babies, then Jorgie started to outgrow Jazz and the bullying started, the aggression, even non physical, and so long story short I had to get a second set up for Jazz and they are now still separate 1 year on (& prob always will be)

So if you do get 2, keep in mind you may need a second set up rapidly.....the best laid plans etc etc
To be honest I knew this but forgot to consider it. Are there alternatives other than rankin dragons? I'm looking for something which can be handled weekly. What do you guys know about earless dragons? Can they be kept in groups? They do seem ever so small and sweet.
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