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Originally Posted by j bates View Post
I have recently spoke to the bloke I bought her off he said she is not common boa she is a central American boa. U guys might of herd of him his name is Peter Rice. And is the founder of a few morphs like the chaos.

Common boa = Boa constrictor imperator

'Central American Boa' = Boa constrictor imperator

They are exactly the same subspecies. Without knowing the parentage, ALL Bci's must be simply classed as 'common boas'. The only way you can know anything else is to talk to the breeder and trace the parentage. It is IMPOSSIBLE to tell anything except 'common boa' from a photo unless it is a specific morph such as albino or motley.

Some colours and/or patterns and/or size differences may suggest certain locales, but nobody can say anything more than 'common boa' from a photo.

Peter Rice however is a well known breeder, and a bloody nice chap and if he bred it and he has told you it is Central American, then nobody on this forum (except Peter himself!) could (or would be able to) tell you any different.

So although I stand by my original ID from the photo of 'Common Boa' - the more specific information from the breeder supersedes my ID.

That said, I'm not convinced by the 'never seen one like it before' as I'm sure Peter has seen more baby boas than almost anyone!
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