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Default advice needed for bearded dragon

Hi we brought our son a bearded dragon for xmas which is 8 weeks old off a breader with the viv and set up but we having abit of trouble with the heat light the viv has a heat lit in and a uv ray light in and the breader told us at night to turn them both off, is this true ??? But we also were told not to let the temp go above 29 degrees and if it went up to high to turn the lights off so in the day we have to keep turning the heat light off as its getting to hot we went the pet shop and the nice lady sold us a basking light instead as they are not as hot which is working abit but we still need to keep turning if off esp if we have our heating on as well we are abit worried he might die if the heat isnt on and my son is very worried can anyone give me any advice please thanku.x

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