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Default Help buying my first bearded dragon.....s?

Hi guys,

The wife has finally given in to letting my son and I get a bearded dragon! I took him to a reptile shop last week and knowing my son out of all the bearded dragons in the shop (about 25) he goes straight to the male rainbow tiger leatherback at a cost of 250!! I took a fancy to a girl with lots of orange with white legs at a cost of 150.

My first question after never owning a reptile, is starting with 2 a bad idea? What troubles will I run with in having 2? Is there any advantage in having 2? If I got one now could I add another in 12months time?

As for the cost I've kind of been saving for a "special dragon"
And want nice colours rather than the normal dragon colour!

Going for a 4ft viv but its going in the utility room where it's cold, around 10deg C in the winter! Which leads me to the question about the best heating setup for those conditions????

Any advice would be great!
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