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Originally Posted by Dubia82 View Post
Yeah... just make sure you keep the temps right and provide him what he needs. He'll probably settle in soon - probably just asserting himself in his new home.

Unless he looks ill I wouldn't worry just yet. If he's basking, gaping and able to move around without trouble, he 's probably fine. If you're worried about his food mot being digested then wait a couple more days or so and see how he acts and if he has a poo. If no poo and you're still worried then give him a shallow, luke-warm bath and maybe even give his tummy a gentle massage.

He's probably perfectly fine though. Most beardies take a week or so to start settling in to their new homes and males especially will be asserting dominance to anything that moves (hence the beard puffing out).

Dont massage his tummy! If he has swallowed anything he shouldnt of with a shapish edge (by accident) then massaging is tummy my cause it to pucture his insides.. The risk of doing this massively outweighs the benefit, elsecially for a newbie. Apart from that, its good advice Best just to go in his viv once or twice a day but give him a wide berth. Let him get used to you
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