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Originally Posted by Ryanb0401 View Post
Check out a care sheet for your little guy, buy thermometers, hydrometers(spelling?) etc and make sure his temperatures and humidity are right.
Other than having only for him recently, have you made any other changes, or is he near a set of speakers/tv? It may be he's just stressed from changes, or the noise and vibrations.
Thank you, I did move the bits inside yesterday so that he has more options to move about, he is a lovely green colour and seems to respond well when i check on him, he has eaten (which i find awesome to watch!).
I am concerned about the humidity as it seems dry in there and try to mist it as and when......i read that a constant water drip from a plastic cup with a hole on the mesh on top may be a good idea?? Just until i get a proper hydration system
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