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Originally Posted by shooster View Post
Hi, my baby bearded dragon is stressed out, I got him sunday as my xmas present, i had his tank all set up and ready. I have a 5 ft at front 4ft at back vivarium, he eats and everything :however after he doesnt bask he goes under the heat for like a minute and then back on his piece of wood, im not sure why but when he sits there he stresses out or if i go down stairs and back up to my room he sits away from the. Repti glo light, i think this is what is stressing him out as he goes know where near his basking lamp. I plan on getting another tomorrow as it flickers at the ends and iv read bad things abput exo terra products. When i prdered his things i got a phone call telling me the one i wanted orginally was put of stock and they said they were sending me a better one. I read guides on getting all the stuff 10.0 bulb etc. However last night when i was pn my laptop he was like puffing his beard out and looking more alert for a few seconds like he was going to be sick, and he did it a few mins ago now. So really what i was wanting to know is whats a good bulb, and would he not bask because of the tube causing him troubles. He looks a little more round so it seemed to me he wasnt digesting his food because of not basking i have been giving him calcium (4times) and like a multi vitamin once (dusted on cricket) his bask spot is 38' and 33 hot end and about 27 ish cold end. Right now hes basking and gaping
As said it is mostly likely a settling in issues and again don't massage his belly, blue is spot on here. A basking spot of 38c is however usually a little low. How old is your BD, it is recommend a basking temp between 105f-115f however this does depend on each BD. you mentioned your viv is 5ft at the front by 4ft at the back, any chance of a pic to get a better idea of the dimensions your mean or just a better description. What uv tube do you have (length) and where is it placed?
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