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Originally Posted by reptilekeeper1992 View Post
Im getting leopard geckos soon and the set up comes with a tub of calcium powder.

I heard something about D3 is the vitamin which enables lizards to absorb calcium? But leopard geckos do not need UV light, so do they not need D3 full stop or is it worth getting calcium powder with D3 in?>
D3, other vitamins and minerals are in the Nutrobal/Repashy Calcium Plus. All reptiles need a source of D3 otherwise calcium will not get absorbed in the body sufficiently. Leopard geckos can survive on just a dietary supplement of D3, however it is nowhere near as effective as UVB lighting. It's a common misconception, but actually these geckos are very efficient at using UVB light (more so than bearded dragons!) due to their thin skin.

Whether using UVB or not, they require some kind of multivit supplementation as the majority of live food is deficient in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A and D. It's also worth getting calcium powder (without D3) as you can actually overdose your gecko on D3 (which can cause death in some cases). Providing the pure calcium dish will allow them to self supplement without overdosing themselves on the D3.


Originally Posted by ryceratops View Post
Thanks for the information vgorst, i've tried to find the pure calcium on lilly but can only get the calcium plus which i'll order today so thanks for that is there pure calcium that most leo users use or is it all just the same?

reptilekeeper, as far as im aware (the experienced keepers will be able to tell you exactly) the D3 is important in the geckos diet, which is why the use of multi vitamins is key, but using D3 calcium everyday can lead to possible overdose which can be fatal. As i say, someone will be able to give you more info but that's what i believe is correct from reading.
Most people go for calci-dust (made by the same people as Nutrobal), it's pretty widely available so can get it from places like Pets at Home. I think you can get limestone flour (?) which is effectively the same thing but make sure that nothing extra is added.

Your other info was spot on by the way

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