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Originally Posted by Pyrite View Post
I'm mostly a snake keeper and never had any lizards but I have read a lot of caresheets and seen a lot of videos about care and setups but didn't find enough information about the feeding of adult bearded dragons and their shed.
  1. How can you tell when a bearded dragon is in shed mode? Do their eyes turn cloudy blue like snakes?
  2. How often do you need to feed them? Everyday?
  3. what ratio should I use for for an adult beardie? 80% veggie and 20% protein?

More protein than veg maybe 70-30 or 60-40 there is no set %age although as they get older they will eat more veggies than they did when they were young.. In the wild they eat insects and veggies when the insects arnt about regardless of what age they are. Apparently there was pm's done on several wc beardies and it turns out that regardless of age, the diet is more around 80/20 live food, in captivity we try and encourage more veggies but yeh... More than 3 hoppers a day. A lot more! Also fresh veg daily-spring greens, turnip tops, butternut squash.. Occasionally kale, grapes, berries.. Never salad tho especially not iceberg lettuce!
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