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Originally Posted by SheldonsMum View Post

I have a 2011 spur thighed I think he's male from what I've read and looking at his tail . He's currently in a viv which I now know to be totally wrong so I'm in the process of buying a table for him.
Great , Where did you get him? yes table is best . I would suggest a strip UV bulb for table too, so they get UV while they wander around. I do use tortoise life substrate for mine ,but it is expensive. I find it does last, I change out once a month and unlike soil it does not get everywhere , like in food and water dish. But it does need watering as it is dry. Is he your first reptile? I started with torts, I now have 2 lizards and a pac man frog. You will still have Viv to fill when he gets his table
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