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Originally Posted by michaelchance View Post
Hi I need some advice my baby corn is really aggressive is there any way to try calm it down?
Your little corn is not aggressive, he/she is more afraid of you and has not yet come to realise that you are not a threat to it and will not eat it so he/she is defending itself which is only a natural response.

My advise to you is keep the handling session to 5 or 10 minutes at a time and do not handle after a feed or when you see your snake going into blue - coming up to shed, also I suggest keeping a cotton handky or a clean sock underneath your clothing for a few days and then putting it under your snakes warm hide, this will help your baby snake to recognise your scent as a none threatening scent and will help to calm him down, this worked with both my corn and MBK when I got them, mine were not aggressive but very flighty and wanted away from me as quick as possible and this really helped.
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