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Originally Posted by michaelchance View Post
He dosnt use his hide ....prefers under the aspen on the cold side .....would it be better to put a sock under there ? And how long should it be from a feed to poop?
Originally Posted by michaelchance View Post
And iv had him from the 27th of dec
Well since you've only had him a few days you realy need to leave him for a least a week, he needs to settle into his new home - new sights, sounds, smells etc etc.

I would leave him for a week before offering him his first feed, also poop may be hard to spot in the aspen with him being only young, with mine I kept her on kitchen roll and not aspen and there's no real set time when they poop after a feed, snakes are quite good at holding their poo in so I wouldn't be too worried. I would just pop the sock in there on top of the aspen, he'll see it when he's out exploring and he'll be out more once the coast is clear, when your not there lol.
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