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Default Taken on a Leopard Gecko. Need some more opinions from experts x


So I have given a home to a Leopard Gecko that was brought into the vet practice I work at. She had lost her tail, was not eating, and had a cut on her head, but she is now doing really well!!

However I am finding it really hard to do right by her as everyone seems to have a different opinion. A few people suggested this site so, here I am

Anyways, do I really need a UVA/UVB light? Some say yes, some say no.

Also even tho I have a reptile heat mat, the temp in the tank never goes above about 24 degrees C. Some people suggest it needs to be higher in the day time. What do you say? and also, how can I achieve this? My heat mat is already pretty big, a bigger one would not provide enough non heated space for her i don't think

Also, how often do I feed her? She is only little, and so I am feeding her every other day. Usually a few meal worms and some crickets, wax worms in the odd occasion. I have tried to fill her bowl with worms so she can accesss food in her own time, but she does not seem to be able to tell they are there

Thanks in advance.

Emily x
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