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D3...thats different to calcium right? I am currently dusting the with calcium only.

It is an old heat mat yes! I am a bit short of cash, and my friends leant me alot of thier old stuff for now. I thought about going out n buyin a new heatmat, but then I was like "What if I do that and it makes no difference?". I have a thermostat attached, it is a habistat one. Thats all I know as another hand me down. Vivarium is roughly 35 x 15 ins. Another friend of mine suggested a heat bulb too.

I will keep the variety going don't worry, not cockroaches tho. OMG major cockroach phobia! Soooo scared of them! lol! but the other stuff. I am gut laoding them too

Another thing. Her moss box atm! It's really big, n has a hole in the top to climb into. I have had her at home for about 2 weeks and have no seen her even try and use it. I reckon it might be a big big and cumbersome for her to get into. My friend gave me a thing today for her to hide in. It's like a plant pot, but half of one. I thought mebbe I could put the moss under here instead. Would this be worth trying? I realise It woudl dry out quicker n I would have to spray it more often to keep it moist. But what do you think of the idea~?
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