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Originally Posted by RocketQueen View Post
D3...thats different to calcium right? I am currently dusting the with calcium only.

It is an old heat mat yes! I am a bit short of cash, and my friends leant me alot of thier old stuff for now. I thought about going out n buyin a new heatmat, but then I was like "What if I do that and it makes no difference?". I have a thermostat attached, it is a habistat one. Thats all I know as another hand me down. Vivarium is roughly 35 x 15 ins. Another friend of mine suggested a heat bulb too.

I will keep the variety going don't worry, not cockroaches tho. OMG major cockroach phobia! Soooo scared of them! lol! but the other stuff. I am gut laoding them too

Another thing. Her moss box atm! It's really big, n has a hole in the top to climb into. I have had her at home for about 2 weeks and have no seen her even try and use it. I reckon it might be a big big and cumbersome for her to get into. My friend gave me a thing today for her to hide in. It's like a plant pot, but half of one. I thought mebbe I could put the moss under here instead. Would this be worth trying? I realise It woudl dry out quicker n I would have to spray it more often to keep it moist. But what do you think of the idea~?
Yeah D3 is different to calcium. The gecko will need a source of D3 (such as Repashy Calcium Plus, Nutrobal or UVB lights) in order to absorb calcium properly. Without a source of D3 they will be far more prone to MBD and other nasties. So they need a multivitamin supplement and that calcium dust too.

I reckon a new heat mat would be more effective. Before you do that just check that the thermostat isn't turning the mat off before it's getting to temperature (check that the light on the stat remains on). Heat bulbs can work but you'll need a surface underneath that retains heat (without being hot enough to burn) and will need a suitable thermostat. What thermometers are you using to measure the temperatures? As in analogue/dial or digital ones? And where are you measuring the temperature (on the floor, on the wall, etc)?

I can understand why people don't like roaches - I'm not so fond of the adults but I think the smaller ones are quite sweet (yes I'm a weirdo )

As long as it's a hide that will be able to trap some of that humidity it should be ok, sure I've seen people using half flower pots before. Have a go, some geckos don't use their humid hide but shed fine anyway.
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