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Originally Posted by bobbyd View Post
pets at home prices are 49 for a corn no matter what the morph, so 49 for a normal is way to exspensive 888 reptiles where doing normals for 15, I got my cremsicle from pets at home, only a little dearer than buying online
I would buy from 888 reptiles i got my carolina corns for 10 each then 20 shipping i bought 2 corns so came to 40 for 2 corn and shipping thats cheeper then pah and there a lot better looking than normals dont think there doing it for 10 anymore but they have a lot more also try and look on gumtree or look for local breeder a corn is a great beginer snake ive been bitten once that was because i didnt wash my hand after handling a mouse so took my hand thinking it was food honestly its nothing compared to a bite from a rabbit or hamster honestly i didnt even notice id been bitten till i looked at my hand
If you have any questions just send me a message
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