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Rub 5-15 or Exo Terra large flat faurnarium 8-15 Viv once adult 30-60
Matstat 15-30 depending where you buy from
Heatmat 5-20
Hides up to 10
Water bowl 0-5
Bedding (optional)
Corn snake well this price varies alot i've seen corns go for a fiver so find one you like or your son likes and try and source it .

^^^^ For a Set-up i wouldn't think anymore than 70 buying new for a baby (you gotta look around for the best prices though), If you want any links just ask .

If i've forgotten anything someone say please .

This all depends on whether you want a baby yearling or adult for him ? it will help narrow it down then .
Enjoy your colubrids?
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