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Ok, so, the fact I have a UVA light in there, does nothing?? I need UVB? Is that right?

soo the light on the stat remains on, except when I turn it to 24 or 22 or whatever it is that day. So I am assuming that it does that to say it is at the right temp (i.e. when the desired temp is reached the light turns off) I try to whack it up, but the light constantly stays on, which to me, says it's not reaching the right temp? What do you think? It is a dail that I am turning to measure it, and I have the sensor on the floor of the vivarium, I have it right next to the side of the slate pieces I have in there.

Another point, since I have had her, she has already shed (within a few days of getting her into the vivarium) I don't think she used the moss box for it, I even need one?

Also how often do they shed?

Sorry for all the questions but am really appreciateing your help. x

PLANTYBLK - I have just looked at the red runners! Yes their much smaller. But no! thier still roaches, I simply cannot do it. lol, thanks so much anyways tho x
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