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Originally Posted by Chambo82 View Post
Hi I am going to be getting a chameleon within the next couple of months and wanted some general advice if possible , when handling / attempting to handle are they likely to bite ? I've owned a pair of beardies previously and they were great to handle as we handled them from very small , also I have read somewhere that if buying a juvenile then you should 1st house in a smaller viv then get a larger viv when they increase in size ? Just wondering what people's views are .

Thanks in advance

I'd advise you to do as much research as possible before getting one, check out the caresheets on here and on the chameleon forums. They are more of a look but don't touch type of pet as they get stressed easily and a lot of them don't want to be touched, so yes they sometimes will bite or look like they are going to. Screen cages are the best option for housing as they need a lot of ventilation.

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